FINANCIAL LANGUAGE ANALYSTS-Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Arabic,Turkish,Greek, Scandinavian,Finnish - FactSet Research Systems

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FactSet offers instant access to accurate financial data and analytics to thousands of investment professionals around the world. Our company combines hundreds of databases from industry-leading suppliers and clients’ own proprietary data into a single, powerful information system, making FactSet a one-stop source for financial information. We’re dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of technology by continually developing and refining our own software.

Japanese,Korean,Chinese,Arabic,Turkish,Greek, Scandinavian,Finnish

Job responsibilities:

Document Acquisition:
  • Obtaining financial information via web research and direct company contact;
  • Assisting in converting this information into formats usable for FactSet’s in house applications.

Fundamentals Translation:
  • Identifying and translating relevant financial information;
  • Creating and maintaining financial dictionaries;
  • Correcting translations and continuously improving dictionaries based feedback of analysts;
  • Researching and translating textual information used for business profiling.
 Required skills:
  • Good knowledge of at least 1 of the above cited languages in addition to fluency in English
  • Good communications skills, written & oral
  • Good knowledge of all Microsoft Office packages
  • Ambitious and enthusiastic
  • Commitment to detail.

Desirable skills:
  • Knowledge of financial statements and financial terminology;
  • Knowledge of MT and/or CAT tools.

Open to Foreign Applicants willing to work in the Philippines.

Japanese,Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, Dutch, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Vietnamese,Thai, Indonesian