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You are a top-performer. Yet, you aim higher. You are committed. And you seek an exciting environment that allows your potential to be developed to the fullest.

Capital Dynamics has expanded its business from KL to Singapore and now to Sydney. At Capital Dynamics, we believe success is fun, for you and your company. Unlike elsewhere, your rewards and benefits will be mainly defined by you, your contributions and your commitment. They can be pretty inspiring.

Capital Dynamics, through its flagship brand, i Capital, has achieved major successes over the last 21 years. Despite these, we are hungry for more as we build a global fund management and investment advisory group. Our recruitment and appraisal standards and process are demanding. To be world-class, there are no options. If you are confident that achieving your dreams can also achieve our global dreams, try us for yourself. We would love to talk with you.

Our Recruitment Policy
To be better than the best - our challenge is to continuously improve on what has already been achieved. This mission underlines our recruitment policy. We are always on the look out for top quality people. For the right person, our door is always open, whether in recession or in boom time.

The right person should have the necessary skills and no less important, the right attitude. Being trustworthy, loyal, dedicated, hard working and passionate would be some of the "right" attitudes but it is perhaps best summed up by the question - Can you be more than just a salaried worker??

We invite applicants who are confident that they can contribute towards achieving long-term goals that are mutually beneficial. Join us and share our exciting future.

(Kuala Lumpur)

She will be responsible for keeping a full set of financial accounts in accordance with applicable accounting standards, day-to-day trade processing and settlements, monitoring of corporate action events, cash and valuation reconciliation, liaising with service providers, maintaining information systems, maintaining portfolio accounting, implementing process improvements and more.

As part of your long-term career development, you will be rotated among our companies.

Multi-skills and multi-tasking responsibilities can be expected.

  • Possess a Degree in Accounting or professional qualification.
  • Must be very trustworthy, reliable and efficient.
  • Recent graduates who possess the passion and drive to contribute to the company's long-term growth should seriously consider joining our progressive team in our unique quest.

For applicants committed about succeeding in their chosen careers, Capital Dynamics offers an unusual 3-level remuneration package plus the benefit of mentoring under its renowned CEO.

Please apply online / send your particulars, with a non-returnable photo, and indicate the position you are applying for. For email applications, send them to For others, send them to :-

Managing Director
Capital Dynamics

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